Kyran London.

Sing and promote happiness.close


Frequently Asked…

Q: Where do you live?
A: London

Q: What country are your parents from?
A: Barbados

Q:What is Kustard Kool?
A: My clothing line. Kool is the new cool. 

Q: Status?
A: Very single. Not the rushing kind.

Q: Biggest thing you care about?
A: People around me getting somewhere in life, and me helping them. Or anyone in general. I can know you for 10 seconds and most probably want to help you in some way.

Q: Any hobbies?
A: Football, football training kids, walks, music/singing, designing, gaming - big time.

Q: How comes your right hand is rarely visible in photos?
A: Odd that you noticed lol a very rare question. I was born with one hand.

Q: Facebook?
A: Kyle London Worrell

Q: Twitter?
A: KyranLondon

Q: Instagram?
A: KyranLondon