Kyran London.

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About Me

26. london. uk.
r&b singer/songwriter/producer.
street dancer. fashion designer.
video gamer. mentor. skater. actor.

addiction to beautiful females with both interior and exterior beauty.

moderate addiction to filipino females. tumblr’s fault. lol
addicted to sexy female stomachs.
admirer of asian culture.
admirer of true beauty.
admirer of true love.
lover of life.
lover of you.

"the person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it." me.

"people disagree with me sayin that u can lead a worry free life. Hmmm, Im not gonna worry about it." - lucado.

"in the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing." - mignon mclaughlin.

“wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.” - david starr.

everybody has the power to make someone else happy.. Some do it by entering the room.. some do it by leaving.” - anon.

"i believe in everybody and anybody capable of having a dream." - me.

the best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” - andy warhol.

I like to think of myself as a complex yet easily understandable person. I look at life as openly and loving as I possibly can. I tolerate many forms of negativity because it’s just an everyday part of life. I aim to not go a day without inspiring or changing the life of at least one person.